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World's leading digital architecture nft marketplace

 The Worlds Leading & Dedicated Digital Architecture NFT Marketplace is currently in Development. Sign up using the below Advanced Sign-Up Form to keep in touch with the latest News on when the Platform will be Ready to Launch!


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Main Features

High quality Architects & designers

 The Marketplace will attract the World's Best Content Creators to share their Projects. Every Creator is verified and Approved by Admin in order to control Quality.

Powerful filter tools

 The Filter tools on the Platform will enable users to find the specific Creators & NFTs they are Searching for. By Typology, by Size, by Special Collection, by File Format etc. Buildings are complex & the Search Tools should reflect this.

best source of nft digital architecture

 The NFTs listed on the Platform will provide the most Comprehensive and Exhaustive range of the World's Best Digital Architecture Content. For Metaverses & Personal Collection.

using the power of the blockchain

 All Transactions will be Processed & validated on the Polygon Blockchain. Digital Architecture NFTs shall be integrated into Metaverses & Sold with or without Land Plots.

Road Map
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metaprops Road Map

H1 2022

- Company & Team Formation.

- Pre-Seed Funding Secured.

- Establish Social Media & Create Engagement.

- Advance Sign-Ups & Sneak Peak Release of Platform.

- Release Initial White Paper.

- Campaign to bring onboard early adopters/creators.

H2 2022

- Launch of the MetaProps NFT Marketplace (Beta).

- Increase Engagement with Blockchain/NFT influencers/Prominent Architects.

- NFT giveaways and collaborations.

- New Key Partners in Web 3.0 Industry & appointment of additional leadership.

- Increase Awareness through targeted marketing campaign on social media platforms and through traditional media.

- Raise brand awareness at conferences & networking events

- Detailed Discussions with potential equity partners.

H1 2023

- Seed equity round funding secured.
- Full-release of the Platform with additional functionalities:
Direct Metaverse Integrations.
3D Preview & NFT 3D Gallery Experience.
Addition of Crypto Tokens, multi-wallets & Blockchains.
Custom Build Project Management.
Metaverse Job Postings.
Leasing of Digital Architecture Assets.

- On-board Technical & FOH team.
- Creator options for increased storage, profile boosting & showcasing NFTs.
- Run Metaverse Design Competitions.

H2 2023/H1 2024

- Leadership, Development, Sales & Marketing Expansion.
- Add new sale tab for Metaverse Real Estate.
- Add a new section for Metaverse 3d digital assets including furniture & accessories.
- Continued Research & Development.
- Exhibit at Conferences & Web 3.0 events.
- Consultancy services for Metaverse platforms & brands.


- World's No.1  Marketplace for Digital Architecture Assets
- M&A – Purchasing of companies/solutions
- Addition of these Solutions into Platform.
- Sales function dedicated to drive growth.

White Paper

Metaprops WHITE PAPER.pdf

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